About Me

The elusive Aurora borealis is ony of the most fascinating things i have ever seen in the world.
Even if nowadays i have done many trips to see and capture here, i am still amazed again every time i see it. 

This was shot at Skagsanden beach near Flakstad on Lofoten islands in Norway. The position around 68∞N above th polar circle make it perfect to watch the northern lights, if the weather permitts it.

Anastasia Selby is currently an MFA candidate in fiction at Syracuse University. She also works as a nanny and housekeeper. In her past lives, she has worked as a firefighter on three hotshot crews for the USFS in California and Colorado as well as a helicopter crew member for the Park Service in Alaska. She began her fire career in 1999, in Eugene, Oregon, and ended it in 2010, in Fairbanks, Alaska.

For the past four and a half years Anastasia has been working on a novel. Above, you can find a few links to work that has been published online and in print. Most recently her story, How Certain Fires Burn, was a recipient of the 2016 Boulevard Magazine short fiction contest for emerging writers. She also enjoys writing creative nonfiction.

In her minimal spare time, Anastasia loves to lift weights and be outside. She enjoys meeting people and having long conversations, so if you’d like to email her, she can be reached at anastasiacalliope@gmail.com. Any literary inquiries should utilize the same email address.