New Year, New Books

For 2018 I have taken it upon myself to read all the books in my apartment. Actually- my goal is to read them all by mid-May 2018, because soon after that I will be moving somewhere else (or maybe August? I dunno). There are few things that feel solid about my life right now; I am 37 years-old, single, without family support, and about to graduate from my MFA program. I have no idea where I will be in six months. I am working on my thesis (my second book) while submitting my first book (again and again, with the many rejections accumulating to create a ghostly, invisible mass somewhere near my bedside). I have a lot to be grateful for, like student loans and my part-time job and my friends and my ability to craft a cover letter and resume although that seems to result in radio silence from any jobs or fellowships I may apply to.

So, I’m going to write about the books I read, as I read them. I hope that this blog will be a document not only of the books I read but how they affect me and teach me.

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